The Worship Liturgy

fort collins churches contemporary worshipLiturgy simply means “the work of the people”; it is what we do together as we gather to
worship God and be formed by him. The services at Emmaus Road are designed to be Christ-
centered and Gospel-shaped. Drawing from ancient and modern Christian worship practices, we have curated a liturgy that leads us to Christ and helps us re-enact the Gospel story. It usually contains the following elements:


Our service begins with a song that calls us to worship. It is a call to enter into the presence of God with thanksgiving and praise for who he is and what he has done. The cross stands at the center of the stage, with the worship team around it, visually inviting us to come and worship the risen Christ. Music is one of the oldest expressions of worship, and it engages our whole being.
fort collins churches contemporary worship


We take time, every service, to recognize our need for God. We can’t fully appreciate what God has done for us if we don’t recognize how far we are prone to wander from him. Our time of confession can take many forms. We might sing a song, read scripture, stay silent, or pray prayers which recognize our brokenness and need for Christ. We realize that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.


This is the good news! We remember that God has acted to redeem us from lives of sin. Though we are a broken people, he has not left us that way. Christ, on the cross, took on our sins! In him we are forgiven and made new. He has given us his Holy Spirit to comfort us and guide us into a perfect love for him. We read scripture and sing a song that celebrates the redemption and forgiveness that is available to all in Christ.


The Christian life cannot be lived in isolation. The time of greeting recognizes this, and helps us realize that we are in this together. There is plenty of time to welcome each other and make a brief connection. But don’t let it end there! Make plans to continue your conversation after the service and during the week.


fort collins churches biblical preachingThe sermon is a time to focus our full attention on the Word of God.Pastor Andy loves to point us to Christ and the reality of the Kingdom of God through his preaching. You can expect to be challenged and encouraged by the sermon each week. We often work through entire books of the Bible, seeking to uncover new truths and how they apply to our lives, today.


Each week we pray a historic prayer out loud as a community. These prayers, mostly from “The Book of Common Prayer,” teach us to pray things we wouldn’t pray on our own. Christians have prayed these prayers for hundreds of years, and millions of Christians around the world still pray them today. They remind us that we are not the first people to walk with Christ, nor will we be the last.


fort collins churches communionFrom the earliest Christian worship gatherings, the Eucharist has been the central and culminating moment of the gathering. It is where the followers of Christ remember his death, celebrate his resurrection, and anticipate his return. It is also a moment to “feed on Christ”–to let him be our portion–even as we have confessed our own emptiness. We come to the table with empty hands; Christ gives us his body and blood as our bread and cup. During communion we sing a song that resonates with the theme of the sermon, and at the same time, points us to Christ’s finished work on the cross.


This is a time where we give to God with glad and joyful hearts. The way we spend our money is often an indicator of where our loyalties lie. Giving to God is a tangible way to express our worship and trust in him. Just as Jesus gave joyfully and sacrificially of his life, so we believe that giving to God is a joyful and sacrificial part of our worship.


To close, we sing a song that connects what we have heard in the sermon with something we can carry with us throughout the week. Here the narrative is complete: after being called to worship, confessing our need, hearing the scriptures preached, receiving communion, we are commissioned to live out our faith in the world.

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“We recently moved to Colorado and after researching churches in Fort Collins, we found Emmaus Road. On our first Sunday we found the worship meaningful with excellent music and preaching. The people are friendly and have welcomed us into the fellowship. I highly recommend Emmaus Road. It will make a difference in your life.” John