John 19:25-30

Preaching from John 19:25-30, Pastor Andy challenges our popular understanding of the cross and reveals the beauty of the Gospel.

John 19:16-24

Preaching from John 19:16-24, Pastor Andy reminds us that the cross is the center of our faith and shapes our thinking about God, ourselves, and others in important ways.

John 18:28-19:3

On this Family Sunday, Pastor Andy speaks to all ages of our community about the need to make Jesus the king of our hearts.

John 18:1-26

Teaching from John 18:1-27, Pastor Andy invites us to forgive the hurts and failures of the past and embrace a new work.

John 17:6-26

Pastor Andy shows us how Jesus’ prayer for his disciples in John 17 is one of equipping for the countercultural life live in service to Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.