Finding Personal Identity In Christ

personal identity in Christ

You have a corporate identity that connects you to other people, but you also have a personal identity. Your personal identity is made up of things like your personality, sense of humor, and emotional makeup. Your personal identity is also made up of the things that other people never know about or see. … Read More

Unity in the Body

At Emmaus Road Church in Fort Collins, we’ll be studying the book of Galatians and it’s call to unity over the next several weeks. Our goal is to allow this letter to speak into our lives and specific circumstances. The New Testament book of Galatians was written by a person named … Read More

Work & Sabbath

The Requirement of Blessing Imagine if you went to work tomorrow and discovered that your boss has given you a promotion and a huge raise – your income is going to triple. Talk about a blessing! Here’s the thing. The blessing of the promotion and increased income is nice, but … Read More

Recounting the Journey

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The Journey So Far Here is what has happened in the story of Nehemiah so far. Nehemiah, a cupbearer to the king, felt a burden to help rebuild the wall around Jerusalem after it had been destroyed. This wasn’t a particularly spiritual task, but it was an essential one. A … Read More

Our Ruler, King & Shepherd

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Ruler, King, & Shepherd Throughout our series, The Prophets Foretold, we’ve heard the prophets talk about the hope of one who would bear our sin, the promise of a new kind of king, a different sort of ruler, and light that has pierced the dark. Now the prophet speak of … Read More