Why Emmaus Road Church

In Luke 24, the Bible tells the story of two disciples traveling along the road to the town of Emmaus. As they journeyed, the disciples spoke of recent events in Jerusalem – that a man named Jesus performed many miracles, was crucified and was rumored to have risen from the dead.

emmaus road church in fort collinsAfter hearing this, their companion taught them about Jesus Christ; the man explained to them everything in the Scriptures that concerned Jesus. When the group arrived in the town of Emmaus, they sat down to share a meal together. As they ate, the Bible says, “Christ revealed himself to them through the breaking of bread.” (Luke 24:35) The disciples were traveling with Christ all along!

At Emmaus Road Church, we want this story to be a metaphor for who we are – and are becoming – as a faith community – travelers on a journey with the resurrected Christ. We are all at different points along our journey, but together, we seek to travel with the Lord and explore what it means to be Christian in today’s world. Our prayer is for Christ to reveal himself as we break bread together through the sacrament of communion. We would love for you to come and journey with us!