LifeGroupbw are small groups of people that meet in homes throughout Northern Colorado.
These groups help facilitate spiritual exploration and growth, and provide each person with love, nurture, support, prayer, and community.


One of our core values at Emmaus Road church is discipleship. Life Groups can be instrumental in helping you grow and serve within the Body of Christ.

We understand that being a Christ-follower can be difficult sometimes. Knowing Jesus doesn’t shelter us from the harsh realities of life. The starting point for exploring how we can live into our Christian faith amid life’s challenges are our Life Groups, where we share a meal, dig deeper into the Bible and the previous Sunday’s sermon, pray with and for one another, and provide accountability and mutual support.

Authentic Relationships

Our goal is to provide a setting where people can belong and connect in a meaningful way with each other in a spiritual community.

We share our thoughts, questions, doubts, and experiences with one another and lift each person up in prayer. We also connect with others outside of our group meetings—when members are sick, have a new baby, or need help moving, we’re there for each other.
Life Groups are hosted by members of our congregation throughout the week. We currently offer six different groups that meet in various locations throughout Fort Collins and the surrounding region. If you are looking for Christian community, Life Groups are a great place to find it!

If you’re new to the area and checking out churches in Fort Collins, visiting one of our Life Groups will give you an opportunity to get to know some of the amazing people God has placed in this church. Their desire to know God and learn how he revealed himself through Jesus is both inspiring and challenging!

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At Emmaus Road, we believe discipleship happens best in the context of community. Life Groups provide that context.