Why We Observe the Christian Calendar

The Christian Calendar Tells a Story November 29th, 2015 marked the first Sunday in Advent. We are one of many churches in Fort Collins, but probably one of few churches that intentionally observed the beginning of Advent. This begs the question, why do we observe the Christian calendar? And what … Read More

The Role of Confession

Confession is Part of Our Language of Faith Nehemiah chapter nine is a story about the people of God entering into a time of confession for their sin. They were brought to the point of confession because as the law was being read over them, they realized they could never … Read More

Grace in God’s Law

Reading the Law Nehemiah chapter eight tells the story of God’s law being read to the people who have returned to Jerusalem after exile in Babylon. When it comes to a public reading of the laws of God, you may be tempted to think that the people were forced into … Read More

Injustice In the Community

Injustice Among God’s People Nehemiah chapter five is a bit of a mystery. The first four chapters of Nehemiah tell this remarkable story of how how God’s people came together and overcame opposition to rebuild the wall around the city. In Nehemiah five, the narrative about the wall has come … Read More

Overcome Opposition

Nehemiah Helps Us Know How To Overcome Opposition The first three chapters of Nehemiah tell a very positive story. Chapter one tells us about how Nehemiah’s calling develops. In chapter two we get to see King Artaxerxes help the project. And chapter three is a beautiful story of people coming … Read More