Pastor Andy’s Podcast Suggestions To Help You Grow Spiritually


Podcasts have been around for well over a decade, but they are growing in popularity every year! It is a really great platform to listen to voices that will help you grow professionally, personally, and spiritually. Below are my top three podcast suggestions to help you grow spiritually. Click on … Read More

Seeking Music Pastor Candidates

Few things take such as central of a role in the life of a church as the worship music. We understand that worship is much larger than music, but in our culture, music is a primary means of expressing praise to God and being shaped by the truths of the … Read More

Finding Personal Identity In Christ

personal identity in Christ

You have a corporate identity that connects you to other people, but you also have a personal identity. Your personal identity is made up of things like your personality, sense of humor, and emotional makeup. Your personal identity is also made up of the things that other people never know about or see. … Read More

Unity in the Body

Galatians 1_6

At Emmaus Road Church in Fort Collins, we’ll be studying the book of Galatians and it’s call to unity over the next several weeks. Our goal is to allow this letter to speak into our lives and specific circumstances. The New Testament book of Galatians was written by a person named … Read More